'Last Photo' Video Series
'Last Photo' is an ongoing video series where I travel to different cities and ask random strangers about the last photo on their phone. Click here to read a brief backstory, and let me know if you're interested in having your city featured next!

Here's an interview I did on MSNBC about the 'Last Photo' series:

I'm quite pleased to say this project has inspired others to apply the concept in their local community. Please feel free to do the same, as long as it's in a non-commercial capacity. All I ask for is credit and that you share it with me. :)

- Last Photo - Ljubljana, Slovenia
- Last Photo - Maribor, Slovenia
- Last Photo - Berlin
- Last Photo - Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Last Photo - News Station
- Last Photo - La Rochelle, France
- Last Photo - University of California, Santa Cruz
- Last Photo - University of Portland